Brink to Offer Specialized Commercial Kitchen Service to Montana & Wyoming

The growth of the food industry with the explosion of restaurants and commercial kitchens to service larger institution has resulted in the need for specialized kitchen equipment service providers and readily equipment replacement parts.

Our beginnings have always been a family representation, and in due time the Hobart office was purchased by Gary A. Brink who had previously begun his employment in 1957. Our service dynamic changed in 1969 when Gary A. Brink sold Modern Refrigeration to concentrate solely on the Food Retail and Food Service segments that would enhance the Hobart presence throughout Montana and Wyoming.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Gary A. Brink accumulated countless awards from Hobart Corporation.  During these years the Billings office was awarded the “Toppers” recognition numerous times making it one of the fastest growing Hobart offices in the nation.