The Importance of HVAC in Your Commercial Kitchen

There are few things as important to the success of your restaurant as commercial kitchen cooling, heating, and ventilation. Don’t agree? Imagine dining at your favorite restaurant, only to find the mixed, heavy fragrances of cooking food waft out into the dining room and hang in the air as you shiver in the cold or swelter in the heat. Sound uncomfortable? Your guests would think so, too. Here are just a few other reasons you should prioritize the HVAC system in your restaurant: Read more

Reasons to Update Commercial Dishwashing

When was the last time you took a close look at your commercial dishwashing efforts? Are they driving your employees to spend more time washing dishes than they should be spending here? If so, it may be time to consider an upgrade to a new system. Look for one with improved efficiencies and more capacity to handle the very specific types of items you need reliably washed. Read more

Restaurants Equipment’s Maintenance: Repair or Replace?

When it comes to your restaurant’s equipment’s maintenance, how much money and time do you spend on making repairs and upgrades to your existing systems? If your business is like many others, this is a sore spot – you spend a great deal maintaining your existing systems. But, is it worth replacing them? Should you be looking for new equipment instead of pouring more money into older systems? That instant repair may seem cost effective and easier to pay for than a new piece of equipment, but in the long term, it will cost you money. Read more

How to Choose the Best Bakery Equipment

When you run a bakery, you need to make sure you have the right equipment to get the job done right and ensure your customers turn to you for their bakery needs in the future. It all starts with choosing the best bakery Equipment in Billings. The following tips will ensure you get what you need to create your delectable creations.
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How to Choose a Commercial HVAC Company

Struggling to ensure that your restaurant and kitchen stay comfortable throughout the year? Finding the right company to handle your needs is crucial. Thankfully, a few tips will help make your search for help with commercial HVAC in Billings simpler and easier. What should you know to streamline the process and ensure you find a trusted partner?
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Brink to Offer Specialized Commercial Kitchen Service to Montana & Wyoming

The growth of the food industry with the explosion of restaurants and commercial kitchens to service larger institution has resulted in the need for specialized kitchen equipment service providers and readily equipment replacement parts.

Our beginnings have always been a family representation, and in due time the Hobart office was purchased by Gary A. Brink who had previously begun his employment in 1957. Our service dynamic changed in 1969 when Gary A. Brink sold Modern Refrigeration to concentrate solely on the Food Retail and Food Service segments that would enhance the Hobart presence throughout Montana and Wyoming.

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